Ryan Klosterman

Associate Advisor

Ryan Klosterman:  Growing up, I observed the positive impact my father had, in helping others achieve their financial goals.  Similar to a medical doctor, who cares for a person’s physical well-being, or a pastor who cares for a person’s spiritual well-being, I saw him caring for his client’s financial well-being.  That inspired me to follow in his footsteps and take care of other’s financial picture.

My decision to attend the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) was intentional, as they are recognized as one of the top 3 colleges, offering a bachelor’s degree in finance and financial management, in the state of Minnesota.*  I dedicated myself to earning a double major, in Finance and Financial Planning; graduating with honors in May 2021.  Prior to graduation, I completed a summer internship, with SplitRock Financial Group, as well as, attended a national sales conference with other advisors.  I am truly honored to join this profession, and the team at SplitRock Financial Group, to help clients reach their financial goals.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing the guitar, mountain biking, reading and playing hockey.  


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